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Daily Archives: May 29, 2017

New way to recover pure water from highly concentrated salt solutions

Researchers developed a new way to recover water from highly concentrated salt solutions. The system will alleviate water shortages in arid regions and reduce...

ARM’s new processors boost AI, VR mobile tech

The new processors from ARM provides the brainpower for our mobile devices to cope with advanced artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and mixed...

‘Judy’ Malware Hits Up to 36.5M Android Devices

Google removed apps from Google Play after being alerted to their existence. Check Point says, but not before they reached an astonishing spread between...

Researchers Use Silkworms to Repair Damaged Eardrums

Researchers based in Perth and Melbourne moving towards clinical trials of a device that incorporates silk in an ear implant. Named "Clear Drum", it...

Reid Hoffman and Bill Gates team up for a $30 million investment in Change.org

Change.org Co-founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman is leading a $30 million investment in Change.org, the for-profit "social change platform" that's best known as a site...