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Daily Archives: June 1, 2017

NASA’s new study ‘Functional Immune’, investigates immune system changes in space travelers

Future space travelers will need to stay healthy to perform well for their own safety and for mission success. It's important to understand how...

Uber $708Million revenue loss, finance head leaves

Uber said its first-quarter revenue rose 18 percent to $3.4 billion from the fourth quarter. As a private company, Uber does not report its...

Toyota’s new Linux-Based Infotainment System comes in the 2018 Toyota Camry

AGL Toyota, one of the top automaker in the world, going to use "Automotive Grade Linux (AGL)"for its 2018 Toyota Camry. AGL is an open-source infotainment...

Generation of Energy when freshwater combines with saltwater

Researchers have created a new hybrid technology. Produces unmatched amounts of electrical power where seawater and freshwater combine at the coast. The study organized by...