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Daily Archives: June 11, 2017

Copycat version of WannaCry ransomware target Android users in China

WannaCry Researchers discovered a malware in China that has mimicked WannaCry ransomware attack to some extent and has been named “WannaLocker.” Chinese security firm Qihoo 360’s finding says that, the...

Scientists develop hydrogel strings using compound found in sea creatures

hydrogel strings Using an amino acid, rice university chemists found the sticky feet of mussels to make those fibers line up into strong hydrogel strings. Rice...

New open source Mendel,MD software could help doctors diagnose genetic diseases

An open-source software tool called Mendel,MD. Doctors analyze patients' genetic data in order to diagnose diseases caused by mutations. Developed by Raony Cardenas and...

Algorithm eliminates blurred images from footage

Duke University computer engineers have designed algorithms. Capable of sharpening video blurred by a shaky camera. Newly integrated into Adobe's After Effects video editing...

New study suggests creative Brains worry less about dying

People with Creative Brains can provide a moderate against being anxious about death, research from psychologists at the University of Kent shows. Creative people such...