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Daily Archives: June 12, 2017

Banking malware infects PC without a mouse click

malware Cybercriminals are using a malware that downloads after the user hovers over a link in PowerPoint slideshow. The PowerPoint file has a single hyperlink text...

SoftBank to acquire robotics businesses from Alphabet Inc

SoftBank Group Corp to buy two robotic businesses firms that build walking robots from Google's parent company. Alphabet Inc adding to the Japanese company's...

Snake venom can prevent blood clots in heart disease patients

snake venom A protein in snake venom, Tropidolaemus waglerix, can help to prevent blood clots in heart disease patients. Anti-platelet drugs are widely used to treat heart diseases. The drug prevents a type...

Chemists recover mixed folded proteins to life

Scientists from ITMO University in Saint Petersburg and Hebrew University in Jerusalem have found a way to recover a protein structure after its chemical...