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Daily Archives: June 21, 2017

Fiber supplement in children shows change in gut bacteria

A study conducted first time using a prebiotic fibre. Performed on children to improve their intestinal bacteria. A couple of teaspoons of a fibre supplement taken daily...

Gene mutations lead to cause Atopic Dermatitis skin disorder

eczema Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, affect millions of people in the United States. There is no cure for the condition, and its causes...

New operating system will improve Navy computing power

An engineering professor at Virginia Tech, Dr. Binoy Ravindran, has designed a operating system that could revolutionize how military and commercial computing systems perform....

Lenovo reveal its world’s largest Intel-based Supercomputer

Lenovo next-generation Supercomputer Chinese PC maker Lenovo completed the delivery and implementation of its world’s largest, next-generation Intel-based Supercomputer at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. The 11.1 petaFLOP1...