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Daily Archives: June 22, 2017

Controlling Malaria Anopheline mosquitoes with light

A technique to reduce the incidence of biting and to disrupt the normal profile of nocturnal flight activity of the Malaria Anopheline mosquito. Using...

Cisco’s new network to detect malware threats in encrypted data

intent based network Cisco launches a new ‘intent based network’ that will be able to detect malware when it's hidden in encrypted traffic. The company’s new...

New Logitech Mouse Pad Offers Wireless Charging

Logitech’s new G Powerplay mouse and accompanying surfaces both cloth and hard surface. That continuously charge the mouse’s while you play. The mouse pad you choose fits...

New innovative technique aimed at destroying biofilms

Biofilms Biofilms, a slimy glue-like membrane that are produced by microbes in order to colonize surfaces. They can grow in animal and plant tissues, and...