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Daily Archives: June 27, 2017

Population health resource to give US cities access to key data

Nationwide expansion of the City Health Dashboard, an innovative health data visualization tool. Created by the Department of Population Health at NYU Langone Medical Center and the Robert...

Israeli spy agency creates fund to invest in tech firms

Israel's Mossad spy agency is starting a fund to invest in technology firms. Creating products that could assist its work. Including those involving robotics...

Michelin unveils airless 3D-printed smart tires

smart tires French tire manufacturer Michelin has unveiled the new 3D tire concept, the Vision. This concept tire, which is airless, connected, rechargeable, customizable and...

World’s brightest laser illuminates new change in light

World's brightest laser Scientists from the University of Nebraska have developed a world’s brightest laser light, illuminates 1 billion times brighter than surface of the Sun....