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Daily Archives: June 28, 2017

Researchers create very small sensor using ‘white graphene’

white graphene Dutch scientists found a way to create and clean tiny mechanical sensors in a scalable manner. These sensors suspending a two-dimensional sheet of...

Cisco unveils Control Center 7.0

The new Control Center 7.0 addresses the flexibility needs of businesses with a multi-tiered IoT platform that gives them options to meet their specific...

AT&T expands high-speed internet to 70K locations in rural U.S.

high-speed internet AT&T expands high-speed internet access in rural areas in a big way. AT&T said, its Fixed Wireless Internet offering for rural and underserved...

Pulsed electrical fields may improve skin rejuvenation

Skin diseases associated with poor blood supply, reduced and loss of collagen functional properties. Current skin rejuvenation therapies focused on removal of nonfunctional tissue....