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Daily Archives: July 2, 2017

Nanostructures generate power with wavelength of light

Engineers at Caltech have for the first time developed nanostructure a light detector. Combines two disparate technologies nanophotonic, which manipulates light at the nanoscale....

Microsoft, Trump administration clash over email searches

Federal agents convince a judge to issue a warrant for a Microsoft email account. The suspect used for drug trafficking. But U.S.-based Microsoft kept the emails...

Microsoft plans to bring AI to Raspberry Pi and other tiny devices

Embedded Learning Library Microsoft has released the Embedded Learning Library, offering developers a pre-trained image recognition model for Raspberry Pi and other developer boards. Early preview...

Natural red anthocyanin pigment found in strawberries

Red pigment Researchers shown four strains of E. coli bacteria working together can convert sugar into natural red anthocyanin pigment found in strawberries. The study...