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Daily Archives: July 3, 2017

New encryption technology protects smart devices and stop cyber-attacks

Cyber-attacks Researchers developed a new security technology that could stop cyber-attacks and protect billions of smart device users. Numerous high-profile organizations have recently fallen victim to...

“Brain training” app improves memory effected with Mild cognitive impairment

Researchers developed the game known as Brain training app. Tested its effects on cognition and motivation in a small trial. And found that patients...

Brain-infecting parasite spreads in Florida

Rat lungworm A parasitic worm infects people's brains has been found throughout Florida. The parasite, called rat lungworm, living in rats and snails in five...

World’s First Probiotic Beer improves gut health

There are plenty of dairy-based probiotics, but currently there are no beers that also contain probiotic. Mainly because beer contains something known as hop...