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Daily Archives: July 7, 2017

Tesla to build world’s largest battery in Australia

Billionaire Musk tweeted an offer to help build a largest battery farm in March. After South Australia hit with total blackout when an "unprecedented"...

Qualcomm seeks to ban iPhones from being sold in the US

Ban iPhones Qualcomm filed a complaint with US regulatory agency, asking to bar the import of some iPhones and other products into the US. Specifically, Qualcomm...

China’s ‘artificial sun’ sets world record

Chinese scientists have successfully operated an experimental thermonuclear fusion reactor known as artificial sun. To achieve high-confinement plasma for more than 100 seconds. A...

A novel material may help cut battery costs for electric Cars, cellphones

Sodium-ion batteries University of Texas researchers developed a novel manganese and sodium-ion based material offering a potentially lower-cost, more eco-friendly option to fuel next-generation devices...