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Daily Archives: July 11, 2017

Researchers turn Tomatoes scrap into Tires

Researchers at Ohio State University developing plan that could mean your next set of car tires. From variety of food scraps like tomatoes and egg...

Elon Musk now owns domain X.com

PayPal confirms with Business Insider that Elon Musk has repurchased the X.com domain name. The news first reported by Domain Investing. To be clear, he...

Google ‘PAIR’ improves AI and Machine learning

PAIR Google has unveiled a research program geared towards improving how humans interact with artificial intelligence (AI). PAIR, or People + AI Research initiative will bring together people...

Researchers building an artificial spider silk

University of Cambridge scientists designed super-stretchy, and strong fibers which entirely composed of water. The fibers used to make textiles, sensors and other materials. spider...