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Daily Archives: September 7, 2017

LinkedIn announces Audience Network

LinkedIn announces Audience Network for marketers to expand sponsored content to third-party services

LinkedIn Audience Network The Microsoft-owned professional networking service LinkedIn launched a new service called LinkedIn Audience Network. The service allows marketers to target their sponsored...
Amazon Head Quarter

Amazon to build $5 billion second North American Headquarter

Amazon plans to build a second headquarters in North America. More than $5 billion for construction and is expected to hire up to 50,000...
BraneCrafts smaller than Human hair

BraneCrafts smaller than Human hair to destroy Space debris

Earth’s orbit massively filled with dead satellites, and other leftovers from past missions. More than 500,000 pieces of space debris travel around our planet at...
MasSpec Pen can detect cancer tissues

MasSpec Pen can detect cancer tissues in seconds

Cancer Scientists invented a pen-like tool that rapidly and accurately identifies cancerous tissue during surgery, delivering results in about 10 seconds. The MasSpec Pen is...