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Daily Archives: September 14, 2017

NYPD replacing 36,000 Windows Phones with iPhones

The NYPD plans to dump all 36,000 of its Windows Phones and replace them with iPhone's. Officials plan to begin replacing them all with brand-new iPhones...
Apple security feature

SKEL, a new Apple security feature added in macOS High Sierra 10.13

SKEL Apple added a new security feature in macOS High Sierra 10.13, named "Secure Kernel Extension Loading" (SKEL). The new feature can bypass to allow...
most abundant mineral, Olivine

Geologists resolve the strength of most abundant mineral, Olivine

Olivine mineral Geologists solves 40 years of discussion on the strength of Olivine, a magnesium iron silicate, one of Earth's most common minerals. Tectonic plates used to...
producing Vitamin D3

LED lights effective in producing Vitamin D3 than sunlight

Most people make vitamin D staying out in the sun daily for short periods with their forearms, hands or lower legs uncovered and without...