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Daily Archives: September 17, 2017


VMware patches bug allows guest to execute code on host

VMware Users who run four different types of VMware products, ESXi, vCenter Server, Fusion and Workstation, encouraged to update to address a series of vulnerabilities,...
optomechanical nanosensor

A new optomechanical nanosensor detect torsional frequencies with extreme sensitivity

The world of nanosensors may be physically small, but the demand is large and growing, with little sign of slowing. As electronic devices get...

Verizon plans to terminate 8,500 rural accounts

Verizon is sending out notices that it will disconnect 19,000 lines spanning 8,500 accounts due to high roaming fees. Facebook Opens Fourth AI Lab in...

Christian numerologists claim world will end on Sept. 23

A Christian numerologist claims a verse in the Bible proves that the world will end on September 23, The Sun reports. The date September 23...